notable magazine (Notable) adj. [ME Ofr. Lat.notabilis notare, to note] 1 The Mission of Notebel is to enlighten. 2 worthy of notice; remarkable; outstanding 3 Noteworthy significant people and events that shape our culture, our daily lives, our environment and our humanity— n. 1 a Magazine [The Enlightenment of the 21stcentury] 2 a person of distinction Notable is the "Enlightenment" of the 21st century devoted to examination of mores, institutions and current events. Notable enlightens our curiosity, emotions and passions. Notable is an elegant, informative, thought provoking and a visual magazine. Notable has photos that are the manifestation of the vision and imagination of its reader. Notable allows you to know the subject first hand. Notable departments and features are intense, illuminating, cerebral, provocative, sometimes humorous and sometimes "out of the box." Notable is only the beginning... NOTABLE BRINGS YOU… Noteworthy People! People you need to know! People you would like to meet! Noteworthy Events! Photography that is real and untouched! Content that is relevant and timeless! The title of Notable magazine is in a standardized set of symbols used in phonetic transcription. The phonetic spelling of the word "notable" and any other word may have several variations that depend on the linguist who is classifying the sounds. The phonetic transcription is also affected by culture and dialect. Notable readers are comfortable with themselves. Notable readers cherish their family and friends. Notable readers are intelligent, educated, knowledgeable and wise from life experiences. Notable readers are energetic, hardworking and compassionate. Notable readers are committed to expanding their mind and inner awareness. Notable readers value their time and quality of life. Notable readers are "living the good life." Notable readers lifestyles range from being financially secure to the ultra class- to the ultra-affluent. Notable readers are thorough and educated consumers committed to purchasing quality goods. They vacation at the best destinations to unwind and bond. They purchase products that are not only made of the best materials and ingredients, but are also functional rather than popular. Notable readers demand the same quality and perfection in their goods and services that is required from them in their respective professions and life pursuits. Notable readers demand the very best of everything. For Notable readers "money is no object but value is."™ Notable Magazine is committed to editorial excellence. In Notable you will find articles that cover noteworthy significant people and events that shape our culture, our daily lives and our environment. In Notable you will not find articles or features on celebrities, entertainers of the moment, sports figures, runway models, movie stars or elected officials. In Notable our Departments provide our readers information that accents their lifestyle and improves their quality of life. Simply, Notable covers people and events that are relevant and have left and imprint on humanity. Departments: 99TH Percentile Featuring noteworthy people in the top 1% of their field. Luxe Indispensables Goods and Accessories that represent are unique and made of the very best materials. Destinations Luxurious hotels, resorts, B&Bs and spas, domestic and abroad. Epicurean Gourmet foods, wines, restaurants and information. Generations Y and Z Everything you need to know to about this new generation. Humanitarian People devoted to promoting the welfare humanity
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Las Ventanas al Paraíso, A Rosewood Resort
AAA Five Diamond award for 2007

"The Most Luxurious Hotel in Mexico!!!!!! Andres Araya, the Managing Director of Las Ventanas, demands luxurious perfection! Las Ventanas puts Los Cabos, Mexico on the map of luxurious hotels to stay in the world." Stephanie White, Editor